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James Carver Umbrellas are traditional umbrella manufacturers, who hand make their umbrellas from the finest materials and components. The Carver family have been making umbrellas over four generations, and after 30 years away from supplying the bookmaker’s industry, Jimmy Carver has designed and introduced a small range of umbrellas, made to old fashioned standards, to cover every bookmaker’s requirement.

Over the past few years, we’ve realised that bookies are becoming ever more reliant on cheaper quality umbrellas and, thus, are finding it increasingly difficult to purchase a quality “mush”, that won’t let them down, when they need it most.


We won’t pretend to be the cheapest on the market. Indeed, we don’t even want to compete on price against a poor quality imported brolly – we’ve tried that, and have learnt the hard way. Experience has taught us that cutting corners only leads to problems, for both us and our clients.


We’d be pleased to discuss your specific requirements.  With a surprisingly good variety of colours available, including the option of multi-coloured umbrellas, to your own design and, combined with access to the latest full-colour printing technology, we feel confident that we are able to supply you with a custom made, personalised umbrella, which can only help to increase your visibility with the punters. The photos on this page give you examples of some of our umbrellas already on racecourses not just in the UK and Eire, but across the globe.

If you have any queries or wish to discuss your specific requirements please email us at:

We are proud of our high standard of handmade British quality, and are confident that we won’t let you down.

Finest Materials and Components

Inside of round umbrella

Not so many years ago, when ordering an umbrella, a bookmaker could be sure that he would be purchasing a product that had been handmade in every aspect. But as is so often the case in this day and age, both quality and price has been severely compromised by market forces which, naturally, are now led by mass production on the other side of the world.

Regrettably, this has resulted in poorer quality products becoming the norm, so much so that increasing numbers of today's generation of bookmakers have never benefited from making a direct comparison between today's "disposable" products and the quality products of yesteryear.

Rib closeup At James Carver Umbrellas, we've listened to our clients and understand that, in many ways, a bookmakers "mush" is as an important part of their kit as even your computer or betting slips. Quite simply put, should your brolly let you down when you need it most, you could easily result in losing not only your punters to your dry neighbour, but also expensive damage to your equipment and in extreme circumstances you may even find yourself packing up before the day's racing has finished.

Accordingly, we've turned the clock back and have returned to making a bookmaker's umbrella as it should be: In the traditional manner. We firmly believe that today we now are the only people hand making, not just the umbrellas, but also each individual rib.

The brass components (parts of an umbrella) that we use, are completely hand engineered in the UK to our own high standards, from the finest materials available to us. (We use high grade engineering brass in our products, and even insist that the rivets we use are British made, also from the highest grade brass available). The fibreglass sections of our ribs are second to none, and even our poles are made from hand turned, seasoned British beech, (the traditional choice of an umbrella maker), which is then treated by our own hand with a superior quality varnish, before we slot the wood to enable us to fix the handmade spring.

The umbrella is then covered with quality material, which has been printed to include our client's name and/or logo. Any client, who orders this top of the range, brass and fibreglass umbrella is provided with a quality canvass carry bag, on a complimentary basis, which has been fitted with both shoulder and hand straps. (These bags are also available for sale separately, and can also be purchased for use alongside our cheaper, but excellent quality, range of lower priced fibreglass framed umbrellas).

TopCanvas holder

Round Umbrellas


Square - (Rails) Umbrellas


Umbrella Man

Welcome to our website., the virtual home for James Carver Umbrellas, the family business of Jimmy Carver - "The Umbrella Man".  This site showcases our products and history.