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Not so many years ago, when an umbrella was something that was looked after and treasured, it was quite normal for a person to maintain the same umbrella throughout the course of their life; having it repaired and recovered, when necessary.     However, today's "throw away society" has seen many people opt for the cheaper option by purchasing an umbrella that will be treated as just that,  a throw away item.
Needless to say, the move towards mass production has seen the decline of the traditional umbrella repairer.  However, at James Carver Umbrellas, we recognise that many people still appreciate a quality umbrella and, if able, would sooner have it repaired, than purchase a new one.  Maybe you've got an old family heirloom that you would like to see renovated, or you might even have picked up a quality  item from a car boot sale or antique shop, that needs specialist attention.
After nearly 90 years experience within the umbrella industry,  we carry a wide stock of both current and obsolete umbrellas components and fittings, and are pleased to be able to offer a full repair and recovering service.  For further information, please contact us and we'd be only too pleased to discuss the options available to you.
Here are just a few of the many testimonials that we have received from our clients:
" I am very satisfied with way you have carried out the work on an umbrella that was over 80 years old, and had belonged to my Great Grandfather.  It was very fortunate that I found you at Lincoln Christmas Market, as the only other umbrella repairer I found was in the USA.  I will most certainly recommend you to anyone that should require your services"
- Mr W, Nottinghamshire.
"Many thanks for the excellent job done on Uncle George's umbrella.  We shall remember you and refer anyone else to you". 
- Mrs D, Lincolnshire.
"Superb job, my gratitude for enabling me to fulfil my mother's wish"
- Mrs. R, Devon
"After many years searching, I've finally found someone able to recondition my late father's umbrella.  My sincere thanks to you for your excellent service.  I've already passed your details on to a couple of friends"
- Mr. L, Shropshire
"Thank you very much for repairing my umbrella, it really does look like it originally did, and I am thrilled".
- Mrs. O, Yorkshire.
"Many thanks for doing this work. I am delighted with the result".
- Mrs. B, Dorset


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